Support Us

Your gift to our St. Nicholas William Spyropoulos School strengthens our school and enhances the overall education that our children receive. Your support enables us to continue to offer educational resources to our students and faculty that tuition may not cover. We are most appreciative and profoundly grateful for the generosity of parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends who lend their financial support and believe in the academic, cultural, and spiritual education their children receive at our school.

Every gift makes a difference, every contribution, no matter the amount, directly benefits the school life of our children. We at St. Nicholas William Spyropoulos have been fortunate to have the support of many who invested in their children’s education recently and have seen the direct results of their investment, specifically in the area of technology. We are looking forward to be able to bring enhancements to the arts, sciences, professional development for our teachers, and extracurricular activities in our school. Please be part of our campaign to bring and maintain new programs for the children of our St. Nicholas William Spyropoulos School.